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Information Systems and Analytics


Krannert Information Systems and Analytics Club’s mission is to prepare Krannert graduate students for success in the areas of information technology and analytics. The scope of the club’s activities includes providing opportunities for academic development, professional development, and practical application opportunities


  • Foster a passion among Krannert graduate students for Analytics
  • Strengthen member's knowledge of industry trends and analytics is changing the world
  • Cultivate a network for career opportunities
  • Provide applied learning and leadership opportunities for students

Club Leadership

President: Surendra Cherukuri

VP of Finance: Dennis Hernandez

VP of Professional Development: Deepthi Kootagaram

VP of External Relations: Matt Bobrowski

VP of Communications: Gokul Madhusundararaju

VP of Internal Affairs: Kewa "Jeffery" Mei

Club Highlights

  • Walmart Industry project
  • Krannert Analytics case competition
  • Krannert - Walmart Data dive in collaboration with Analytics center.
  • Iowa case competition
  • SAS Analytics Shootout (SAS analytics case competition)
  • Speaker series

Club Contact