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Launching Business Leaders

Purdue's Krannert School of Management has always been synonymous with analytical and critical thought.  With our "Launching Business Leaders" initiative, you will also expand your personal brand.

You take part in a leadership program to improve your professional and leadership skills.

Launching Business Leaders Networking Strategic Thinking Decision Making and Decisiveness Written Communication Oral Communication Drive for Results Personal Responsibility Professionalism Trusworthiness and Integrity Adaptability Cultural Appreciation Team Building My Personal Brand My Relationship With Others My Skills

You will develop your own portfolios, articulate your accomplishments and plan your future.

Your Personal Brand/Portfolio will include:

  • work experience
  • leadership experience
  • social and corporate responsibility
  • academic experience
  • project experience
  • global experience

You will participate in coursework that will guide you through four main components of job search including: resume writing, interviewing, networking and career path strategy. YOU will be armed with the ability to think and analyze, and will leave Purdue with the leadership skills necessary to solve the world’s toughest challenges.