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Full-Time MBA
Master the Business of Innovation
Full-Time MBA

Master of Business Administration | Full-Time MBA


Broadening your skill set,
mastering the art of leadership.

Purdue’s top-ranked, full-time MBA program combines dynamic classroom experiences with our hands-on Experiential Learning Initiative, providing our students with abundant opportunities to fortify their talents. The degree you earn from Krannert won’t just be another frame to hang in your office – it’s a testament to your proven ability to drive results.

The Krannert family includes our distinguished faculty and extremely successful alumni, both of whom will provide the professional mentors you need to foster and facilitate your goals. Other business schools have you read a chapter about management; at Purdue, you’re immersed in expertise until you master the art of leadership.  We empower our graduates – emphasizing leadership, professional development, and collaboration to accelerate careers.

If your career could benefit from a quantitative, comprehensive education, and global opportunities to network, you belong at Purdue. 


Testimonial from Randy Niffenegger, MBA 2020 Full-Time MBA is 4 semesters and offers 14 focused areas of study




We sat down with Krannert Dean David Hummels to discuss the state of things at Purdue University and the Krannert School of Management. Transcript