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Undergraduate STEM Discipline + MS ECON Combined Degree Programs

Fastest Route for climbing the corporate ladder

Undergraduate STEM Disciplines + MS Econ Programs:

The combined degree program allows undergraduate students in Engineering (AAE, CE, ChE, ECE, IE, or ME), in Mathematics, in Computer Science, or in Statistics to not only complete their undergradute degree but also make progress toward the completion of the MS degree in Economics while at Purdue. This path can be particularly attractive to Purdue STEM majors who already have plans to obtain a Minor in Economics as undergraduate students.

List of Programs:

•BS in Aeronautics and Astronautics + MS Economics
•BS in Chemical Engineering MS Economics
•BS in Computer Science + MS Economics
•BS in Civil Engineering MS Economics
•BS in Electrical Engineering MS Economics
•BS in Industrial Engineering MS Economics
•BS in Mechanical Engineering MS Economics
•BS in Mathematics MS Economics
•BS in Statistics MS Economics
UG STEM Disciplines + MS Economics Fact Sheet