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Krannert Launch – MS(A) Students

2018 MS(A) Orientation - August 17-18, 2018Photo of Side of Rawls Hall

MS(A) students participate in the last week of Krannert Launch orientation. International MS(A) students are not required to attend International Student Orientation. MS(A) students are required to attend MS(A) Orientation.  To ensure a smooth transition to Krannert, it's important for students to complete all necessary Next Steps as part of accepting your offer and before orientation. There is no cost to students to attend orientation.

The MS(A) orientation will focus specifically on relevant topics in accounting, the enhancement of leadership skills, and career advancement through connecting with alumni and accounting professionals. MS(A) students will also have the opportunity to get to know faculty members during orientation which will aid in preparation for success in the classroom.

See the MS(A) orientation schedule of 2015 as example.

If you have any questions about MS(A) orientation, please email