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What Can You Do With a Master’s Degree in Accounting? – Purdue Krannert

Monday, April 22, 2019

Interested in studying accounting but curious about what you can do with a master’s degree in accounting? You may be surprised by how many options you will have.

But first: if you are unsure what an MSA degree is, start here.



As an auditor, you review and prepare financial records. You are responsible for ensuring the records are accurate and that taxes are paid on time and correctly. You will also monitor financial operations to make sure the organization is running efficiently.

2017 median pay for auditors and accountants is $69,350 per year.

Information and Technology Accountant

A role as an information and technology accountant may be a good fit for you if you have experience in both accounting and information technology. In this position, you are charged with using software systems and traditional accounting practices to monitor and protect your organization’s financials.

Forensic Accountant

As a forensic accountant, you can work for an insurance company, bank, government agency, or law enforcement to investigate fraud. You can also use your accounting acumen in other ways, like serving as an expert witness for a court case or assisting in legal proceedings.

Managerial Accountant
In managerial accounting, you will advise high-level executives so they can make informed financial decisions. This job is different than many accounting positions because the financial reports you present are geared toward internal stakeholders, as opposed to external personnel. An example of a task you may have is determining the potential impact of an expansion or business acquisition.

Enrolled Agent
Enrolled agents are tax professionals with a special federal license that allows them to represent individuals and businesses before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You can obtain the license by either passing an exam or by working as an IRS employee.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
A goal that some accountant professionals work towards is becoming a CFO. This top-level executive position varies from company to company, but typically involves functions in financial management, business strategy, risk management, and monitoring financial performance. As a CFO, you will work with leaders across departments to help the company make informed financial decisions.

 The average salary of a CFO is $129K.

 We hope this blog answered your question; “what can you do with a master’s degree in accounting?”

 If you are interested in the field of accounting, we offer an MS(A) degree here at Purdue. What is an MSA degree? It is a Master of Science degree with a concentration in accounting.

 Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers in public or corporate accounting. Customization opportunities offered throughout the program allow students to select courses that support their future accounting goals and help prepare them for the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) exam. Find out more about our MS(A) program here.