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How to Find the Right Masters Program for Your Career Goals

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Students discussing how a masters degree can support unique career goals

Are you thinking about a graduate studies program to help you reach your career goals? With so many program options available, it can be overwhelming to decide where to get a masters degree. You may wonder if any of the differentiators the programs tout can actually help you get where you want to be. 

If your goals align with wanting to make a social impact, start a business, or gain international experience, this blog is for you. We’ll take you through the differentiators you should seek out and the benefits and amenities that can help you reach your career aspirations. Plus we've included links to Krannert resources that can help you along the way.

I want to make a social impact

Do you want to work at a nonprofit or start a company or organization to make a social impact? Some MBA programs will give you an advantage. 

What you should look for:

You should choose a school that is ranked and has a strong alumni network. Why? Both can help with receiving funding and making influential connections. A large alumni network can help open doors and an impressive degree can add clout to your name. When investors view you as an expert, they're more inclined to consider charity donations as an investment. Also, search for programs that offer volunteer opportunities, especially with leadership roles.

Purdue/Krannert resources:

Purdue’s alumni network reaches across the globe. The Purdue Alumni Network and the alumni Facebook page allow you to connect with former students. We also have resources for connecting with Krannert-specific alumni.

Our school and our graduate programs are nationally and internationally ranked. Plus, we offer a Krannert master’s club aimed specifically to help you gain volunteer leadership and make an impact. In addition, with numerous student organizations to choose from and a smaller cohort size, there are good opportunities to distinguish yourself in your areas of interest.

I want to start a business

Do you have an idea for a business you want to start? There are a few key things to search for.

What you should look for:

Programs that offer entrepreneurship courses or tracks and schools that have startup incubators and networking hubs.

As a business owner, you need to wear multiple hats. Because of this, you should also look for programs that allow you to take courses on business functions across the board — from marketing to accounting.

Programs that offer real-world experiences allow you to learn from your mistakes before you’re using your own funds.

Lastly, look for a talented and diverse cohort because you may find your future business partner.

Purdue/Krannert resources:

The Purdue Foundry is a startup incubator available to Purdue students and local alumni. The Foundry offers support, education, and tools to help business owners put their ideas into the market. Purdue also holds business competitions that could help startups develop notoriety among investors and earn seed money.

We also offer a graduate-level entrepreneurship club and real-world learning experiences. Our MBA students have access to courses and experiences that will make them well-rounded business leaders. Learn more about entrepreneurship resources hereand a student’s entrepreneur experience to find your perfect fit.

I want to gain international exposure

Do you want to work outside of the United States after completing your degree? Maybe you want to further your understanding of other cultures in order to apply that knowledge in this increasingly globalized market.

What you should look for:

Apply to schools that offer cultural clubs, study abroad opportunities, and have a diverse student body. Ask what partnerships each program has with international companies. Search for a school that has an alumni network that spans the globe.

Krannert/Purdue resources:

At Krannert, our professors and mentors represent 20 different countries and Purdue ranks third for the largest international student population among public universities. Members of Krannert’s 2018 incoming MBA/Master’s class hail from 29 countries. We also offer many international clubs, including a language and cultural club that is for Krannert graduate students. Our alumni networkcovers the globe.

Krannert masters students have many study abroad opportunities to choose from. Don’t see the country or area of study you desire on the list? We offer help and tools for you to determine if another study abroad program can be used towards your degree. We even offer a degree that focuses on international business.

If you’re trying to determine where to get a masters degree to help reach your career goals, we hope this blog proved helpful. If you’ve found a few graduate studies programs you want to apply for, make sure you avoid these common mistakes in your application.