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Student Shares About Her Orientation Experience

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Students Discussing Project

You know you are in for a ride when you have an orientation that spans nearly two weeks. But in my experience, KLaunch (Krannert’s orientation for new MBA students) sets the right tone and prepares you for school, the extensive job search, and the cultural change that international students might experience.

During the orientation and beyond, it has been exciting and insightful to interact with people different countries and career trajectories. Coming from India, where I usually came across people who had their bachelors’ in engineering, medicine or commerce, it was interesting to hear stories about marketing, organizational behavior, accounting, astronomy, etc. Beyond the formal interactions, through the informal events, it has been easy to get to know almost everyone in the class.

Another interesting component to the experience was the bond that I formed with the faculty very early on. In India there is a huge gap between teachers and students. That is completely different here, a shift that I think offers an interesting arena to explore.

It was also encouraging to see how intricately the orientation sessions were organized to prepare us for classes, career fairs, interviews, networking, social media presence, etc. With such enriching information coming my way, I could take away some crucial points that I hope to abide by, not just for the next two years, but throughout my professional life.  Here are just a few of the many things I noted:

1. Introspect, don’t stop analyzing your actions and goals.

2. Always have plan A, B, C. They should be in play concurrently.

3. It is not just about academia. Form bonds that you will cherish for your entire life.

4. Manage your academics along with the job search. The preparation for companies and their research should begin very early on.

5. Have faith in the system. Plan the work and work the plan and the rest will fall into place.

6.  I am not a businessman, I am BUSINESS man. Realize your true value, don’t assume you are worth anything less. It is about branding, the value you think you deserve. Present what you have done and how you can use that experience to build value to the company.

7.  The shared vision to be a team player, strive for leadership, respect diversity, and behave ethically at all points. This includes the importance of being prepared all the time.

8.   Always be prepared. Don’t be a free rider.

9.   Be a responsible member of the environment. While getting into business, don’t just think about monetary benefits but ecological gains as well.

With the orientation in the rear view and with an amazing and interactive session with the alumni, I am beyond excited to step into my program. The MBA program is designed to keep you on toes, each day being an experience of its own. I am excited to toss, turn, fall, climb, and in turn learn from the hectic schedule while working as a GA and working for my target industry. I am in US for my MBA. I am already living my dream, one I have had since I was 14 years old. I want to make the most of my time and pursue opportunities that contribute to my passions as a professional, traveler, explorer, and lifelong learner. After orientation, I can see how Krannert will make all of my aspirations a reality.

Krannert works to build a community that is strong at the root level, one that is characterized by integrity and performance. I can foresee the tremendous growth potential it holds for each one of us as the experience shapes us as professionals and global citizens.