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What You Need to Know Before You Start a Weekend MBA

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Deciding to enter a Master in Business Administration (MBA) program is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. For those wanting to keep their full-time salary while improving their marketability, a Weekend MBA can be a great option. However, entering a part-time MBA program without being prepared for the difference in lifestyle can be overwhelming, stressful, and, ultimately, unsuccessful.

Before you spend a dime on tuition and books and start to juggle your responsibilities, you'll want to read this.



Your Friends, Family, and Work May Not Understand How Busy You Are

Unfortunately, you're not the only one that could be unprepared for the lifestyle change a Weekend MBA can bring. Friends can get frustrated when you can't make it to the weekly dinner and your boss may add items to your workload without a blink of the eye.

The Fix: Set yourself up for success by talking to your friends, family, boss, and coworkers before you start your program. Without their buy-in, your MBA journey will be difficult.

Your Schedule Has Never Been Busier

Speaking of your schedule, you're going to be busy. It can be difficult juggling your schooling, job, and family. If you're not practicing time management, you will be stretched thin.

The Fix: Set realistic times to spend on your schoolwork. If time is of the essence, set priorities. For example, if you find yourself choosing between a homework assignment that is 10% of your grade or studying for an exam that is 30%, hit the books. But, of course, the best-case scenario is doing all assignments and studying to the best of your abilities, so set yourself up for success and carefully monitor your recreational time.

Not All Programs Are Created Equally

Keep in mind, some part-time MBA programs require your time after a long workday. On the other hand, some take up your whole weekend, every weekend. And, other MBA programs are purely online and can feel impersonal. A hybrid option offering online and in-person learning opportunities helps with balancing your schedule and creating relationships. At Purdue, our part-time students benefit from an alternating weekend schedule.

The Fix: Make sure you've thoroughly compared programs before deciding.

You Could Miss Some Great Opportunities

Just like your undergraduate degree, you get what you put in for your MBA degree. If you're not actively seeking connections with classmates, using the resources offered, and searching for ways to build your career, you may have regrets afterward.

The Fix: Stay away from time suckers. Yes, you might not know what happened on the latest Westworld episode, but cheering on your school's basketball team in the student section or forming a connection with someone that helps you land your dream job are irreplaceable experiences.

It May Take Longer Than a Full-Time MBA

At some universities, the part-time MBA program can take up to 3 years. If you're considering a Krannert MBA program, both Full-Time MBA and part-time MBA programs take 21 months.

The Fix: Consider how many weekly hours you can devote to your studies and how long you can reasonably maintain the school-work balance. Compare the programs accordingly.

Feel equipped to take on the challenge to improve your marketability? Do your homework and vet out a program that is right for you. Find out more about our flexible Krannert Weekend MBA.