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Innovation Leadership The Skill Missing from Most MBA Programs

Monday, January 15, 2018

Edgar learning innovation leadership during his Weekend MBA

According to Fortune 500, most MBA graduates are coming out of their programs with superior "classic" business skills, but many are behind their non-MBA counterparts when it comes to people skills. At Krannert, all of our students — Full-Time to Weekend MBA scholars — have multiple options to develop innovation leadership skills throughout their program.

Leadership is a combination of business and people know-how. Successful leaders know how to coach their employees, provide a vision, manage finances, apply strategic concepts, value results, and are business savvy.

Many of these skills can be taught through books and typical classroom settings, but others require more of a hands-on, soul-searching effort. This is the area where some MBA programs fall short.

All Krannert MBA students have access to a combination of courses, clubs, programs, coaching, and associations to ensure they leave our programs feeling well-equipped in their leadership abilities.


Opportunities to Develop Innovative Leadership Skills at Krannert

Krannert students have access to more than 30 student organizations, providing opportunities to participate for everyone, even Weekend MBA students with limited time. Students are encouraged to participate and pursue leadership positions that fit into their professional goals.

Krannert Graduate Student Association (KGSA)

The governing body of Krannert student-led clubs is a great chance to gain managerial expertise. Develop innovative leadership skills by getting to know and understanding fellow students and making impactful changes.


Courses & Mentoring
Launching Global Leaders (MGMT 591) Course 
The curriculum of MGMT 591 lets students participate in leadership competency and professional development skill-building activities. Students leave the course understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and are equipped with skills to help in their future job search.

Leadership (OBHR 662)
In OBHR 662, students undergoing a self-exploration to better understand themselves and therefore, develop their skills. This class features a wide range of different learning experience: discussion, case analysis, self-assessment, and lecture.

Experiencing Leadership: A Transformational Journey from Gettysburg (OBHR 590)
For those seeking a unique experience, OBHR 590 students are required to think strategically and place themselves in the shoes of Civil War leaders like Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.

Mentor First-Year MBA Student Study Teams
During the second-year at Krannert, students are selected to become a mentor and impart information learned over the past year to a new group of students.

Obtaining an MBA is a stepping-stone to fast-track your career. Ensure you get the best value by selecting a program that includes innovative leadership opportunities to develop the people skills that are so important to leadership. Whether you’re looking for a Weekend MBA program, or plan to be a full-time student, you will leave Krannert prepared for a leadership role. Find out more about our MBA offerings by visiting this link.