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Tips and Resources to Stay Healthy as a Full-Time MBA Student

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Full-Time MBA student Jacob improving his managerial skills

Many view attending an MBA program as an opportunity to improve their managerial skills, but there's another way to drastically improve your life as a Full-Time MBA student: focusing on your health. Being a student has a lot of perks, especially when you take advantage of the amenities and services included in your tuition. Along with allocating the time and putting in a little hard work, you can come out of your program with more than a resume boost

Start With a Healthy Mind
At Purdue, Counseling and Psychological Services offers multiple counseling and mental health services for our students and many are free of charge. Options include individual sessions, couples therapy, group therapy, psychological testing, and more.


Some group fitness classes, like yoga, focus on both the mind and body. Simple tasks like going for a walk or using a guided-meditation app can be just the break your mind needs in between study sessions.

When all else fails, Purdue students can schedule a massage therapy session and take advantage of the affordable student pricing.


You Are What You Eat
If you want to increase your energy and make a lasting difference on your health, you really need to focus on your diet.


Often, eating healthy has an undeserved reputation of being expensive. Focus on shopping seasonally or in bulk to keep prices reasonable. A great way to do this is to shop a local farmers market or gathering some fellow students and heading to a warehouse-style store where you can split the purchases. By planning your meals in advance and preparing a shopping list before you go, eating healthy can be surprisingly affordable. 

At Purdue, the Recreation and Wellness center offers students nutritional counseling — with a registered dietitian — and a free diet analysis to help determine a healthy menu for your goals.


Put in Some Work
Staying healthy requires placing an importance on time spent in and outside the classroom. Luckily, there are many simple and, dare we say, easy ways to get moving.


Bike to campus, take the long route to class, and attend a fitness class at the student recreation center. Or, better yet, bring your books or study material with you; those reading trays on the treadmill aren't just for magazines.

At Purdue, we offer student pricing for personal training, a wide range of fitness classes, and free memberships for all full-time students at the recreational center — which features three saunas, a rock wall, two pools, multiple tracks, and an abundance of fitness equipment.

Often, our Full-Time MBA students take advantage of features that will help improve their managerial skills. While important, a great manager knows how to balance work, life, and health. Use these services and amenities to enhance your health. If you're interested in enhancing your career, see how a Krannert MBA can impact you.