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2017 13 Successful Startups

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Paula, Shari, and Greg

Purdue has long been a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship. We are constantly amazed at the students and professors that fill our classrooms and make a difference in the world through their ideas. One of the benefits of seeking an MBA at Purdue is acquiring the skillset to manage a successful startup and the resources to help. Experiences with startups at Purdue have also played a huge role in launching the careers of several Krannert graduates.

Learn about 13 successful Purdue startups:

Founded by Byunghoo Jung
AccuPS LLC has developed an easy-to-use, easy-to-install, and low-cost technology system that can bring virtual reality to the fingertips of those who own a smartphone.

Adipo Therapeutics LLC
Founded by assistant professor Meng Deng and professor Shihuan Kuang
Seeking to improve the epidemic of obesity, Adipo Therapeutics LLC, is working to prove the safety and efficacy of their polymer-base nanotherapeutics for weight loss.

Adranos Energetics
Founded by Brandon Terry and Chris Stoker
Adranos Energetics is developing a new rocket fuel formulation that could make rockets used in military and space applications travel further, carry greater payloads, and be less impactful on the environment. Krannert MBA graduate Shane McGuire led the Adranos Energetics team to win the Gold Division of the Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition in 2016.

Bionode LLC
Founded by professor Pedro Irazoquui and Murray I. Firestone
Bionode has created and developed a neuro-modulation for sufferers of glaucoma. The “device” is essentially a pair of contacts rimmed with a small amount of gold and connected to a pair of specially formatted glasses. 

Experience Design Group LLC 
Founded by assistant professor Nancy Rasche
To help autistic students learn to read, comprehend, and spell, Experience Design Group LLC created an interactive app called Literacy Labels. The app reads and spells out a word to the student and allows them to practice saying and spelling the word.

Humotus LLC 
Founded by Samuel Pontecorvo, Joshua Liddy and associate professor Jeff Haddad
Healthcare professionals have limited technology options when seeking to collect data on their patient’s movement. Humotus has developed a portable technology that can measure up to six individuals concurrently.

Hydro Grow LLC 
Founded by Scott Massey and Ivan Ball
Developed with the mission to eliminate consumer dependence on grocery stores, Hydro Grow LLC created a self-sustaining device that grows vegetables easily and efficiently in consumers’ homes. The company also plans on linking the device to a mobile app so users can monitor and manage their vegetables via their smartphone.

IF-Battery LLC 
Founded by professor John Cushman, professor Eric Nauman and doctoral teacher Mike Mueterthies
IF-Battery LLC seeks to provide a quick and easy way for owners of electric cars to charge their car’s battery, similar to filling up a tank of gas.

Jua Technologies International
Founded by associate professor Klein Ileleji and Reiko Ileleji, Ph.D.
Seeking to decrease the number of post-harvest losses in developing countries through a solar-powered, crop-drying device, JUA Technologies is testing the nutritional content of various dried vegetables and fruits to determine the optimal levels when drying different crops. This information will be applied to an easy-to-use smart console for users.

Maji Safi Group 
Founded by John Maiyo, professor Chad Jafvert and assistant professor John Howarter.
Maji Safi Group has developed low-cost and low-maintenance sand filters ideal for rural communities to obtain colorless, drinkable water from their local sources. The group largely focuses on providing filters for schools and they hope to install filter systems in 1,000 schools over the next five to 10 years.

Penguin Innovations 
Founded by professor Steve Abel and assistant professor John B. Hertig
Penguin Innovations created a hands-on, virtually interactive pharmacy classroom to assist in the training process of creating sterile and quality pharmaceutical compounds to help prevent compounding errors.

Founded by students Yarkin Sakucoglu and Alihan Ozbayrak
Socio is a social media application that revolutionized the way people connect by introducing the “digital handshake.” Already reaching an international market, Socio continues to grow and has become one of five companies to obtain a mentorship opportunity by the Silicon Valley Boilermaker Innovation Group, or SV-BIG.

Founded by Ji-Xin Cheng and Pu Wang
Vibronix is developing technology that is aiming to advance imaging and sensing technologies that will help cardiologists improve the diagnosis of heart disease. Krannert MBA alumni Adam Beal helped the startup become a finalist in a nationwide competition sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

If you’re interested in launching a successful startup and you’re a faculty member, local alumni, or current Purdue student, make sure you check out the Purdue Foundry, a center that provides support, education, and tools for entrepreneurship. One of the biggest benefits of an MBA from Krannert is students are able to capitalize on unique experiences and specialized knowledge by being part of one of the world’s leading tech commercialization ecosystems. If you’re interested in starting your own business or simply want to gain the valuable experience of building a business from the ground up, we recommend looking into our technology innovation and entrepreneurship specialization program, find out more here.