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Jessica Rush

MLT Welcome from Purdue MBA Alumna

Monday, June 26, 2017

MLT has had such an incalculable influence on my life. Reflecting back to my MBAP years, my coach Krista saw potential in me that I did not yet see in myself.  With her help, I was able to discover the confidence and security that I am forever grateful.

Four years out of business school, MLT still has an impact on my life on a weekly, if not daily basis. 

Socially, some of my best friends I have either met through MLT or referred them to MLT.  Since the program, I have moved all over the country, and it is very comforting to have MLT connections no matter where I land.

Professionally, the MLT network is everywhere.  There have been few jobs that I have applied for that I did not have an MLT connection to tell me about the company and the position.  Currently, I am developing a dating application, and it has been such a blessing to reach out to the MLT community for insight and prototype testing along this journey.  Having such a link has been imperative to my professional success.

Academically, MLT not only prepared me for business school but has also equipped me for success in my Master’s and Ph.D. at the Engineering School at Purdue.  There is not a better program, to teach life skills such as time management and critical thinking that have helped me master juggling school and my personal life.

Purdue was the only school out of my choices that I did not visit.  I chose Purdue because of my conversations that I had with admissions officers through MLT, and I knew I could make an impact at Purdue.  While at Purdue, I was heavily involved in initiatives all over campus and volunteered with elementary school students at the local community center.  When it came time to decide where to go for my doctorate, I came back to Purdue because I already had an active community and it felt like coming home, this time with my growing family.


I hope you feel this way during your visit.

See you soon!


Jessica Rush

Purdue Krannert MBA Alumna