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Murilo Siqueira

International MBA Success: More Collaboration & Less Competition

Thursday, June 8, 2017

“The idea of the whole Krannert community is to grow, not compete.”


Before coming to Purdue, Murilo Siqueira was working in operations and R&D at a traditional company in his hometown, but deep down there was a loftier goal waiting to break the surface. Siqueira dreamed of one day managing or running a company, harnessing a more active voice within a large-scale organization.


Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and specialization in Materials Science, the now 2nd year MBA student credits his numerous pre-graduation job offers and summer internship to his time here at Purdue Krannert.


Being an international student, Siqueiras’s most difficult challenge during the first several months was not landing the dream job (he already got that!) but adapting to American culture while simultaneously managing an intensive program workload, all while being away from his family and loved ones back home. By creating a schedule and refining his organization skills, in addition to meeting a great group of friends who made West Lafayette feel like home, he was able to adapt at a rapid pace. He realized that the hardship he faced was actually preparation for an even greater challenge which was, in his words “the daily life of a manager, and how to prepare when facing the business world after leaving the program.”


When asked what stood out particularly about the Purdue Krannert MBA, Siqueira’s response focused on the diversity of his cohort and how the “ways people think and act according to different cultures, regions and personal beliefs” majorly enhanced his global business mindset. Using this experience, Siqueira plans on trying different approaches in the future when facing business challenges, using a unique international perspective in his favor.


Siqueira continues by saying that he couldn’t have selected a better university to complete his MBA:


“Since the class size is much smaller when compared to other institutions, the relationship with the staff, coaches, professors and other students is much closer. It is much easier to develop networks, since people are aware of you, your preferences, personality and taste. Not only is the alumni network amazing, but also the professionals and staff. There isn’t a single person that would not help you when approached for guidance – be it about a personal or professional problem. The idea of the whole community is to grow, not to compete. This is the best.”


In less than 6 months at Krannert, Siqueira received multiple managerial offers and already landed his dreamed position as a decision-maker in a multi-billion-dollar company.


Finally, the Krannert MBA experience is one of growth, not just academically and career-wise, but personally. Having had this opportunity to attend a top ranked MBA program with one of the largest alumni networks in the world, Siqueira understands and appreciates how much he has evolved both professionally and personally:


“The growth I had in this short time…it gave me confidence and skills to achieve the goal. I couldn’t be more proud of my choice.”

Murilo Siqueira

2nd year MBA