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An International Success: One Student's Perspective on Purdue

Monday, October 31, 2016


When asked for one piece of advice that she would give her pre-grad school self, Johanna Bing, Reutlingen Exchange Student, replied with:

"Keep on going- you're doing the right thing!"

Bing came to Krannert this past summer with several suitcases, a couple stylish dress suits and one overarching goal- to enhance her professional career and gain a global business perspective in the process.

Pursuing an MS in Accounting, let alone in the States, was not always on Bing’s radar. Prior to Purdue, Bing was living in Stuttgart, Germany interning with Ernst and Young- attending Reutlingen University, Purdue Krannert’ s partner business school. With an array of partner school choices available throughout the United States, Bing chose Purdue based on its global reputation, along with the quality of programs and faculty. The international environment and professional development opportunities were two other deciding factors. After speaking with ESB staff and Krannert alumni, Bing was sold and submitted her application.

Initially torn between pursuing an MBA vs an MS(A), Bing decided on the later because she knew she wanted to pursue accounting after graduation and that she could take advantage of Krannert’s specific concentration offerings.

Since her first day, Bing felt an immediate connection and acceptance from the students, faculty and staff, otherwise known as the Krannert Family.

“They [Krannert Family] are motivated people who have big hearts for the students. They are available at any given time, and everyone wants to see everyone else succeed. This is a great feeling and makes me feel thankful for being part of this community."

- Johanna Bing

Over the past few months, Bing has been immersed in a handful of diverse courses. She has especially enjoyed her Communications and Business Law for Accountants class taught by Professor Cara Putman. Currently, Bing is actively involved within the Krannert community and also enjoys week-end visits to Indianapolis and Chicago in her free time. When asked how she would describe her school/life balance, Bing replied:


“Here at Krannert, we are preparing for our professional life- one that will challenge us in many different ways. The real world is not going to be easy, and we will be expected to work hard, show courage and excel in what we do to be defined as a true success. Purdue’s study environment provides a comparable situation, yet is still enjoyable. Although students have to study continuously, they still find time to enjoy the student life that Purdue's incredible campus has to offer."


With a graduation date of May 2017, Bing has already accepted a full time job offer with Ernst & Young in Indianapolis and is looking forward to starting her career in the U.S. after she completes her degree.