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Purdue Students

There are three common ways for non-Krannert Purdue students to study at Krannert:


Change of Degree Objective (CODO)

CODO is the process Purdue students follow to change their major. If you wish to CODO into a Krannert major there are a few requirements you will need to meet. There is a three-step process for CODO that starts with meeting with your current advisor.


Request to pursue multiple degrees

Do you want to pursue a dual degree? The request to pursue multiple degrees will allow you to enroll in separate degree programs within two Purdue schools/colleges concurrently. The request process also uses the CODO process and starts in the same place as changing your major — meeting with your current advisor.


Pick up a Krannert Minor

There are several minors available including a minor only available to non-Krannert majors. The Krannert Summer Business Academy can also help students squeeze in a minor by offering select courses over the summer.

Meet with a Krannert Advisor

If you’re a non-Krannert student and have questions about changing your major or about one of our minors, we’re here to help!

Non-Krannert Walk In/Drop In Schedule

For Fall 2020, we will not hold in person walk-in appointments. To get connected to a Krannert academic advisor, please email You can expect an advisor to respond to you within 48 hours.