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Fall 2019 Courses

For a complete listing of courses offered by Krannert, please use the Schedule of Classes.  

Check out these new or interesting courses! For information on how this will work towards your degree requirements, please ask your academic advisor.

  • Econ Honors Courses

    • ECON 251H is the honors section of Microeconomics.
    • ECON 511 is an honors version of ECON 340. Enrolling requires instructor permission. Permission will not be granted until May 1.
    • ECON 562 is an honors version of ECON 360.
  • MGMT 390 - Management Consulting Skills and Tools

    Professor Julia Kalish, T/TH 12:00-1:15pm

    This novel course will provide an opportunity for motivated students to gain exposure to the skills and tools necessary to succeed in the consulting industry. There will be an opportunity to work in small teams to define client problems, collect and analyze data, develop solution proposals, and implement recommendations. Students will also be given an insider’s look into the history of consulting, common types of consulting, and professional standards in this specialized area of management. Honing skills in project management, presentation delivery, storytelling, and stakeholder engagement will form the foundation of the tools used to solve client challenges.

  • MGMT 390 - Krannert Leadership Development

    Denise M. Driscoll, Multiple Sections

    Formally called Krannert Mentoring, this leadership development course will have junior and senior Krannert students serve as mentors to 1st year Krannert students. Mentors and mentees engage in professional and social activities. There is a minimum 2 hour time commitment every other week. Students can apply

  • MGMT 44430 - Staffing: Talent Acquisition - NEW

    Professor Brian Chupp, MWF 9:30-10:20am

    This new course is part of our new Human Resource Management Minor and will be taught by Professor Chupp.  The course focuses on the effective management talent flow into and through organizations.  It covers workforce planning, recruiting and selection, career transitions and other workforce movement.  It is designed to give students the skills to recruit and select the best talent to help drive organizational strategy.  It will also prepare students to evaluate methods for job analysis and selection, learn how to design and ask interview questions that are behaviorally anchored and focused on organization-person fit and person-job fit.

  • MGMT 484 - MGMT Entrepreneurial Ventures

    Professor Rich Makadok, MWF 1:30-2:20pm

    This course teaches skills required to become an entrepreneur, succeed in a start-up venture, work in venture capital, join a family business, or develop a franchise operation. Students will learn about how to identify and shape emerging market opportunities, innovate new business models, prepare and evaluate business plans, raise capital, build a skilled founding team, network for resources, and grow an initial market.

  • MGMT 547 - Computer Communication Systems

    Professor Altinkemer, MWF 3:00-4:15pm

    This course explores the convergence of telecommunications and computer technology, framed in terms of their strategic impact in the business environment. The emergence of Information and entertainment industries as INFOTAINMENT is studied and TriplePlay, QuadruplePlay based on FiOS are highlighted along with a-la-carte offerings. Applications such as teleconferencing, telework, distributed computing systems, cloud computing, IoT (Internet of Things) will be discussed. Case studies will cover telecommunication systems used in business such as yield management, LEO,MEO,GEO satellites, telemedicine/Consumer2Healthcare marketplace, m-commerce, Location Based Advertising, Wi-Fi in flights. Products and services such as IPv4 and IPv6, VoIP, IPTV will be introduced. How Cloud computing, IoT, platforms and Big Data are interrelated to each other will be revealed.

    FOR: juniors and seniors, co-prerequisite MGMT382

    PRO: learn how to get strategic advantage applying telecom applications in your functional area.

  • MGMT 590 - Student Managed Venture Fund

    Professor Alexander Boquist, TBA

    Next Fall Krannert will once again offer the very popular and unique 3 credit hour MGMT 59000 Student Managed Venture Fund (SMVF). This is a semester long experiential learning opportunity that affords graduate students and seniors the chance to perform analysts roles on real Purdue related startups. The SMVF is a partnership between Krannert, the Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) and the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship. Funding comes from a collaboration between the PRF and the Elevate Ventures Fund in the State of Indiana. The total amount to be invested this year is $160,000. The class is capped at 10 students and students need to apply to Professor Cosier for admission. Students need to provide their resume with GPA, a letter of interest and a list of courses passed at the University level that pertain to startup due diligence. Students will be notified of admission before the end of the Spring Semester.

  • MGMT 590 - Intercollegiate Athletics as a Business

    Professors Morgan Burke and Richard Cosier, M 3:00-5:50pm

    Once again this fall Morgan Burke and Richard Cosier are very pleased to offer MGMT 59000 Intercollegiate Athletics as a Business to graduate students and seniors from all colleges/schools on campus.  Students from Krannert may be particularly interested.  This course is in its sixth year and has been extremely successful as judged by student evaluations and general feedback.  We plan to have speakers that include Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany, Big Ten Network CEO Mark Silverman, Former Purdue President Martin Jischke, Purdue President Mitch Daniels and NCAA Executive Vice President Oliver Luck.  Since registration for the fall semester begins the end of this month, please notify our students whom are interested in the “business of sports.”

  • MGMT 690 - Business Ethics (Motivated Undergraduates Welcomed!)

    Professor Cara Putman, MW 4:30-6:00pm 

    Business Ethics is designed to move past a surface level understanding that we need to act ethically in the business environment to wrestling with what does that look like and what frameworks can help us do just that. I also firmly believe that we have to prethink our decisions before we are confronted with opportunities to compromise ethically.
    We will incorporate current headlines to our evaluation of major ethical lapses of the past. Last fall Wells Fargo "cooperated" and we spent time discussing how that could have happened as well as exploring what can be done. Here's what one student said about last year's class" I really enjoyed the discussions we had in class. Cara really pushed us to think deeper and question our beliefs. I loved that we were able to talk about current companies that were showing up in the news. It was refreshing to have an assignment to read a 'fun' book instead of a textbook...this really added to the class."
    Students will need to request a Classification override and a Program override from their Academic Advisor to enroll in this course.