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Krannert Undergraduate Advising FAQ Section

Thank you for visiting Krannert’s FAQ section!  Many of the resources outlined below can be found by logging into your myPurdue portal.  We encourage you to explore each of the tabs in myPurdue. You can use your username and Boilerkey authentication to log in here.  

Additionally, for questions outside of Academic Advising, you may find the below FAQ resources helpful:

Bursar’s Office (Billing/Payment FAQ) Financial Aid
Honors College International Students and Scholars
Krannert Learning Communities Parent and Family FAQ
Registrar’s Office (Course Registration FAQ) Study Abroad
University Residences

Incoming Students

Once you complete the VSTAR module and set up your Purdue email, you will hear from the Krannert Advising Office about who your advisor is and how to set up your first meeting with them. They will also be listed on your myPurduePlan and in BoilerConnect once the semester begins.

After you complete the VSTAR module, you will hear from Krannert within a week to set up an appointment with your advisor.

No. When you meet with your advisor, you will submit your schedule requests for the semester.  Your official schedule with days, times, and professors will be posted on myPurdue. Communication from Krannert will be sent to all undergraduate students before schedules post, please monitor your Purdue email
You can view how your AP credits transfer into Purdue here. For IB credit view here, for A-levels view here.  To see how dual credit courses transfer to Purdue, you can check on your transcript in myPurdue under the Academics tab, or use the transfer equivalency guide here.

You can view all the majors offered in Krannert here.  Please note, the Integrated Business and Engineering (IBE) program is restricted to students who are admitted to the program directly.

The advising office is located on the third floor of the Krannert (KRAN) Building.  You can view a campus map here.

We recommend monitoring your Purdue email to stay on top of any tasks and information that will be helpful as you prepare to start your time as a Boilermaker! Purdue also provides a pre-arrival checklist with items to complete prior to starting the Fall semester.  You can access the list in Brightspace when it is released (typically early July).

Krannert and Purdue offer a variety of different opportunities to help students their first year in college.  Krannert 101 is an online Brightspace module created by advisors to help students find information about campus organizations and resources.

If you are concerned about your academic transition to Purdue, talk with your advisor about enrolling in a study skills course your first semester.  Krannert also offers a 1 credit hour course to help students adjust to Krannert: MGMT 100. Accounting students will take MGMT 197.  


Students can register for classes at Purdue using an online scheduling tool called Scheduling Assistant.  In order to submit your scheduling requests, students are required to meet with their assigned academic advisor.  To officially register for courses, students must submit their CRF (Course Request Form) via Scheduling Assistant.  

View this video for directions on how to submit the CRF.

Summer registration is available pending classification. Check the summer registration schedule for open registration. To find your time ticket in myPurdue, go to myPurdue – Registration – Current Registration.

You can find Scheduling Assistant by going to myPurdue – Registration tab.

To add or drop courses or change the grade mode for the current term you are enrolled in, use the “Use Scheduling Assistant for registration, add/drop or grade mode/credit hour changes” link.

To submit your Course Request Form (CRF) to register for courses for the next semester, use the “Use Course Request Form (CRF) for submitting course requests for preregistration” link. Please note, you must meet with your assigned advisor to be able to submit your course requests. You’ll also need to discuss any changes to your course requests with your assigned advisor before making any changes.

If you have met with your advisor, your PIN will pre-populate when you log in to Scheduling Assistant. You can also find your PIN in BoilerConnect Student Home page after your advising appointment on the “Reports” screen, in the “Notes About” section.

Yes, you can make changes before submitting your courses.  However, please consult with your advisor before removing any core or required courses from your CRF. Students are ultimately responsible for knowing and completing degree requirements. For directions on how to make changes in the CRF, please see instructions here.

A registration hold is placed on your account when you have an action item to complete.  Some of the most common holds include the Emergency Contact hold, a survey or training hold, or if you have an outstanding balance with the bursar’s office.  You can view more information about why you have a registration hold here.

Common Registration holds and how to resolve them:

Go to myPurdue – Registration Tab- click on ‘Do I have any holds?’  You can tell if a hold will impact your ability to register for classes by looking in the far-right hand column.  If it says ‘registration’, the hold impacts your ability to register for classes and must be resolved to register.

No, advisors are not able to remove any hold from a student's account.  To have a hold removed, you must complete any pending action item(s) for the hold to be removed.  

A pre-requisite (pre-req) is a course that must be taken before you enroll in another course.  For example, students must take a statistics course (STAT 30301) before enrolling in MGMT 305.  Pre-requisites are determined by faculty to ensure you have the necessary background knowledge to be successful in a course.

You can check the pre-requisite(s) for a course the following ways:

  • When using Scheduling Assistant, if you click on the magnifying glass next to a course you have selected, scroll down to the bottom of the ‘Details’ tab and you will find a list of the required pre-requisites.
  • When using myPurdue, go to myPurdue – Registration – Course pre-requisite report (under the ‘Course Catalog Resources’ box).
  • When using Look up Classes, click on the “R” symbol in the far-right hand column next to a course to review pre-requisites and course restrictions.

If you are a senior, and it is a course you need to graduate, Krannert will send an internal waitlist survey for you to complete.  If you are not a senior, continue to look for seats in your preferred courses, and talk with your advisor about alternate courses to take.

No, advisors cannot add students to courses that are full. If you’d like to request an override for a course, you can submit a request through Scheduling Assistant and the appropriate contact for the department will review your request.

You can discuss adding a minor or concentration with your advisor. They can add it to your official record.  To see a full list of available majors/minors at Purdue, visit the course catalog and select “Undergraduate & Graduate Programs”, “Undergraduate Minors” or “Undergraduate Certificates” on the left-hand side

Students can declare a minor, concentration or certificate at any point.  However, please note adding a minor, concentration or certificate can extend the timeline to graduation depending on the number of semesters needed to complete requirements. 

Students in lower division pre-majors must meet the Management Admissions Index (MAI) or Economics Admissions Index (EAI) in order to take upper division Krannert courses. Please see advisor for more details.

The Management Admissions Index (MAI) and Economics Admissions Index (EAI) are a set of courses that must be passed with a certain GPA (and other requirements) to move to upper division courses.  You can view information regarding the MAI/EAI here.

If you think you may not meet upper division requirements, please discuss with your academic advisor so they can help identify what options are available in your specific situation.  Krannert policy allows for a limited number of retakes for students who do not meet the requirements of the MAI/EAI. 

You can use the Purdue GPA calculator here to determine what grade you need to meet GPA requirements. 

No, students are not removed from Purdue if they do not meet upper division requirements.  If you have exhausted all of your admissions index retakes, you are not allowed to move to the upper division of that major and are exhausted from continuing in Krannert. If this occurs, you will work with your advisor to find a non-Krannert major to pursue at Purdue.

For information about removal from Purdue University based on academic performance, review the academic probation information here.

Students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours in the Fall/Spring semesters are considered full time.  Please note, some scholarship programs may require you to complete 15 credits per semester. You can view scholarship requirements here or reach out to Financial Aid.

If you receive financial aid you will need to check with the Financial Aid Office before dropping below full time. There may be scholarships that require you to be full time; and the Co-rec usage may be tied to full time status. It is recommended to maintain 15 credits per semester to reach the 120 required credits to graduate in 8 semesters.

For International Students, please contact the International Students and Scholars (ISS) office to verify requirements for full time status.

You can view the Transfer Credit Database on myPurdue for individual courses at various other institutions. Purdue Admissions evaluates transcripts that have been submitted and those can be seen on your official transcript in myPurdue.  Allow 4-6 weeks for transfer credits to be processed after submitting an official transcript to Purdue Admissions.

Students can take a semester off without impact to enrollment status. Purdue understands the importance of taking a semester off for internships, personal family matters, etc. Make sure you let your academic advisor know your plans and be prepared to meet with them for the next registration cycle.

International students, make sure to check in with International Students and Scholars before taking any time off.

If you do not enroll in courses at Purdue for 3 consecutive semesters (including Summer semester), you will be considered an inactive student and have to apply for reentry

Krannert Degree Requirements

All Krannert majors require a minimum of 120 credit hours to graduate.  

The most accurate way to check the total credit hours you have earned is on your unofficial transcript.  You can check this by going to myPurdue – Academics Tab – click on ‘Unofficial Transcript’ (located under the Transcript & Diploma box).  Scroll down to the bottom of your unofficial transcript and look where it says “Earned Hours” next to the “Overall” column. 

It is possible, and common, for students to reach 120 hours and still have remaining degree requirements.  In order to graduate with a Bachelor of Science from Krannert, students need both 120 credit hours and to complete their specific degree requirements. You can find the degree requirements listed on myPurduePlan or on your Plan of Study

Your plan of study can be found in the course catalog here.  Select your catalog term in the top right drop down menu.

An internship is not required at Krannert, but highly recommended. For transitioning into the MSA program you will need to have had an internship. It is highly recommended to contact the graduate program you are interested in to see if they require an internship. Contact the Krannert Professional Development Center (KPDC) for assistance with your internship search.

Working with an advisor

Your advisor is assigned to you during VSTAR or STAR or when you start in Krannert. They are also listed on myPurduePlan as well as in BoilerConnect.

To prepare for your advising appointment, be sure to:

  • Resolve any registration holds (myPurdue – Registration – Do I have any holds?)
  • Look at your myPurduePlan and Plan of Study to prepare a list of classes you’d like to discuss with your advisor for the next semester.
  • Consider any other items you may want to discuss, such as study abroad, campus involvement, or internships, and include this in the comments section in BoilerConnect when scheduling your appointment. Be sure to notify your advisor if you are considering adding a dual major, minor, concentration or certificate.

All Purdue students are required to meet with their assigned advisor at least once per semester.

Students can schedule additional appointments through BoilerConnect throughout the semester as needed.   

You can schedule an appointment with your advisor through BoilerConnect.  Follow the instructions here if you need assistance.

You can contact your advisor via email if you have questions between appointments.  If you click on your advisor's name in myPurduePlan, you can send an email that way, or find your advisor’s contact information here.

Your advisor will help you register for classes each semester and discuss staying on track toward graduation.  Your advisor can also help connect you with resources on campus if you are interested in studying abroad, would like to get involved on campus or find an internship, or are having personal or academic struggles.  Advisors are a great resource throughout your time in Krannert, and it is encouraged for you to communicate with your advisor when you need help with something.

You can cancel or reschedule using BoilerConnect, or reach out to your advisor via email.  It is important to let your advisor know if you are unable to make your appointment time in advance of missing the appointment.

Yes. Students who arrive 10 minutes or later to their appointment will be asked to reschedule.  For your registration appointment, 5 minutes or later is considered a no show and your advisor may ask you to reschedule.

Unless your advisor communicates with you that they are hosting drop-in hours, you must schedule an appointment to meet with them in BoilerConnect.


Grades throughout the semester can be found on Brightspace. Final grades can be found on myPurduePlan and the Unofficial Transcript located in myPurdue.

If you are having trouble accessing your grades or have a question about your performance in a course, please reach out to your professor directly.  Advisors are unable to view the details of your grades throughout the semester. 

Advisors cannot see your grades until final grades post at the end of the semester, so please communicate with your advisor and professors if you are not doing well in a course at any point in the semester or Summer so your advisor and/or professor can assist.

Your GPA can be found on myPurduePlan or on the unofficial transcripts view through myPurdue.

The Academic Success Center has a list of tutors you can access here.  The Math Department also provides a list of tutors you can access here.

Supplemental Instruction is a series of group tutoring sessions led by another Purdue student who has completed the course with a high grade. There are SI sessions offered for Krannert MAI courses - ECON 25100, MGMT 20000, MGMT 20100 and math. You can view the schedule here. SI sessions are free, but you must sign up for a session through myPurdue/Brightspace.

If you have a documented learning difference or would like to discuss evaluation, you can reach out to the Disability Resource Center here. Additionally, if you are experiencing a temporary situation impacting your academics like a concussion, surgery, or medical treatment you can receive temporary accommodations through the DRC

Purdue Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) offers a guide for talking with your professors if you have fallen behind due to personal matters.  View some of their guidance here.  You can also schedule an appointment to meet with your professor(s) or attend office hours to discuss strategies for getting caught up in the course.  

Additionally, the Academic Success Center offers several resources such as SI (Supplemental Instruction) and time management and studying workshops.

Only students who are sophomore standing or higher completing a course for elective credit can take a course P/NP.  Krannert Policy does not permit any MGMT/ECON/OBHR course to be taken P/NP - even if the course is being taken for elective credit. For more information about Krannert’s P/NP policy, visit here.

Please discuss with your advisor before deciding to drop a class.  To drop, follow the directions here.

Employment & Campus Opportunities

View information about how to apply to on-campus jobs here.

We highly recommend you reach out to the Krannert Professional Development Center and meet with a Krannert career advisor.  Your academic advisor can also help to make the connection if you let them know. Purdue also has the Center for Career Opportunities, which is available for all students to use.  You can view more about the CCO resources here.

Each Fall and Spring, the SMEF Career Fair is held.  This is a great way to network and meet future employers, as well as learn about internship opportunities.  The Center for Career Opportunities at Purdue also hosts multiple career fairs throughout the year.  You can view the full list of careers fairs here

Students can complete an internship at any point while a student at Purdue.  However, most employers prefer students to have completed their sophomore year courses before applying to competitive internship programs.

We recommend students check out career fairs for opportunities available.

The Office of Undergraduate Research provides information to students about research here. If you are interested in conducting research on a particular topic or with a specific professor, tips for getting started can be found here.  Students interested in Economics research can visit here.

The Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) is another great resource for students interested in graduate programs.

Students can also view research opportunities offered through the Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship Program here.

CareerBound is a competencies-based career readiness program helping Krannert students prepare for post-graduation opportunities.  View more information here.

Think Summer offers scholarship opportunities for students participating in internships and research while completing courses.  View more information here.


Purdue offers commencement after each semester. Details can be found here.

Students can apply to graduate in myPurdue.  Follow directions here for assistance.