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Requirements for Upper Division

Most undergraduate students start by being admitted into lower division and take a series of  required courses for lower division. Typically students take three or four semesters to complete their lower division requirements. You’ll take courses in a variety of subjects designed to prepare you for success in your upper division courses. These courses make up your Management Admissions Index (MAI) or Economics Admissions Index (EAI).

Before you can enroll in upper division courses (300 or higher level Krannert courses), you’ll need to complete your MAI or EAI and meet all of the below requirements outlined for your major.

If you have questions about your requirements, make sure to contact your advisor.

Once you’re ready to start taking upper division courses, you’ll need to apply to have your transcript and MAI or EAI reviewed through our End of Semester review


For information about our retake and transfer credit policies, please visit our Policies website.


  • Other Requirements and Information for Upper Division

    Please keep in the mind the below requirements and information.

    • All MAI/EAI courses must be completed at Purdue or thorough other credit means. The MAI/EAI must consist of at least (2) Krannert graded courses (for Management/IM MGMT 20000 & ECON 25100 or for Economics ECON 25100 & ECON 25200) or (3) Purdue graded MAI/EAI courses.
    • You must achieve a C- or higher in any completed Krannert Courses - MGMT/ECON/OBHR (except for ECON majors, you need a C- or higher in any completed ECON courses) you might have taken prior to Upper Division.
    • You cannot be on academic probation.
    • Pre-calculus courses are not required for the MAI or plan of study but may be required as a pre-requisite for calculus. Pre-calculus is not used as part of the MAI for students on 2013 or later plans of study.
    • Check out the Krannert GPA calculator to help you figure out your MAI/EAI.
    • MAI/EAI is calculated only with grades earned for the MAI/EAI courses on your plan of study taken in the Purdue system.
    • You must use the MAI/EAI outlined for your catalog term. You may not switch catalog terms for MAI/EAI purposes.
    • If you fail to initially meet the minimum MAI/EAI, you will have additional opportunities to meet the minimum MAI/EAI requirements.