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After earning her Accounting degree, Kara Eschbach went to work on Wall Street. But, she wanted to pursue something more entrepreneurial. Now she is the Cofounder and CEO of Verily Magazine.

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Accountants have been called “the Swiss army knife for modern business” because they have the skills that help businesses problem-solve and succeed in a rapidly changing, globally competitive environment.  Accountants collect, analyze, interpret and communicate information used in strategic decision-making inside and outside of the company.  Company executives, investors, creditors, donors and government regulators all depend on the information produced by accountants.

An analytical and detail-oriented profession, you’ll take courses to strengthen technical and critical thinking skills. You’ll complete strong foundational accounting classes complemented by general management courses like business law and organizational behavior. Advanced coursework includes tax accounting, auditing, merger and acquisition accounting, not-for-profit accounting, forensic accounting and international accounting. 

Accounting careers span all areas of business and government.  Our students have started their careers in public accounting firms, corporations, not-for-profits, consulting firms, investment banks and financial services firms and government agencies.

Professional Certifications

Certified Public Accountants are vital to business.  Our programs can prepare you to succeed as a CPA.  Krannert offers two programs for students interested in qualifying to take the Uniform CPA exam. 

Krannert's Master of Science in Accounting is a one-year master’s program for students to continue their studies in accounting and prepare for the Uniform CPA Exam.

The Certificate of Advanced Accounting program adds an additional 5th undergraduate year for accounting students to further study advanced accounting principles and prepare for the Uniform CPA Exam.

Our students also prepare to become Certified Management Accountants (CMAs) and can tailor their coursework toward becoming a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Become part of Krannert’s largest specialty major!

Visit the Accounting Department website for more information.


$54,492 Average

$3,448 Average Bonus
(for those receiving a bonus)

$20 Average Intern
Hourly Wage