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Learn how Eesha Patel utilizes her Krannert degree in Industrial Management and extracurricular experiences to land a job with Microsoft as a Financial Analyst.
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Industrial Management

Industrial Management (BSIM) is a unique business degree offered by the Krannert School.  It is a hybrid program designed for mathematically confident candidates who aspire to mix their analytical skills and love of “understanding how things work” with their desire to master all the functional areas of a management degree including finance, marketing, human resource management, strategic thinking and operations and supply chain management. 

One student who transferred into Krannert after starting an Engineering program described his BSIM program this way: “A typical engineering student would have to finish their undergraduate program, work as an engineer for a few years and then go back to school for a business degree in order to get that technical management opportunity that I am pursuing.  With the Industrial Management degree from Krannert, I will be able to essentially combine all those steps into one four-year undergraduate experience.”

Industrial Management

$58,760 Average

$4,900 Average Bonus
(for those receiving a bonus)

$15 Average Intern
Hourly Wage