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MIS Research Workshop: Fall 2006

9/22 Karthik Kannan
Assistant Professor of MIS
Krannert School of Management
Workshop will be held in RAWL 2058

"Allocating Objects in a Network of Caches: Centralized and Decentralized Analyses"

10/6 Alok Chaturvedi
Professor of Management
Information Systems
Krannert School of Management

"Sentient World Simulation: A Continuously Running Model of the World"
Background Paper

10/20 Mu Xia
Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Department of Business Administration
College of Business
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"Unravel the Drivers of Online Sharing Communities: An Empirical Investigation"

11/3 No Workshop  
11/10 Chen Zhang
Doctoral Candidate in MIS
Krannert School of Management

Early Dynamics of Open Source Software Projects: Exploratory Studies of Team Formation and User Adoption (Dissertation Proposal)

Aditi Mukherjee
Doctoral Student in MIS
Krannert School of Management

Mohammad Rahman
Doctoral Student in MIS
Krannert School of Management

The Impact of Technology on the Production of Information (Preliminary Exam Paper)

The Countervailing Incentive of Restricted Patch Distribution: Economic and Policy Implications (Preliminary Exam Paper)

Current Workshop