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What's New at Krannert

  • Purdue hosts entrepreneurs from 17 African countries for Mandela Washington Fellowship
    Purdue University’s first cohort of Mandela Washington Fellows was on campus for six weeks in June and July for intensive, executive-style leadership training, networking, community service and skills building prior to a Presidential Summit in Washington, D.C. the first week of August.
  • Wireless Printing is available in Krannert
    Krannert has a print service that allows for on-the-go printing of certain kinds of files from any web-enabled device (including mobile phones). It also adds the print release capability at select locations, and has a website that gives information about remaining balance on each person's quota. Additional details are contained in this article.
  • Making RAWL 4082 Lab Reservations has changed
    We recently implemented the UniTime scheduling system to address some of the constraints of our previous lab reservation system. Please read this article for additional details on how to reserve the room going forward.