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Krannert PhD Dinner 2017
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Krannert Doctoral Programs

Mastering the Business of Innovation

Our doctoral graduates have served on the faculties of many excellent institutions around the world.    |   Details >


At Krannert we prepare leaders who transform business and business education through rigorous analysis and innovative insight. Doctoral students work closely with distinguished business school faculty to develop the research and teaching skills required for successful and rewarding careers. 

Students collaborate with faculty on groundbreaking research in management and economics. Many of our alumni are leading scholars and educators in their disciplines, and our faculty serve as mentors to ensure you have the same opportunity to achieve. Choose from our world class doctoral programs in:

  • Economics
  • Management with specialties in
    • Accounting  Not accepting applications for Fall 2023
    • Finance 
    • Management Information Systems (MIS)
    • Marketing 
    • Strategic Management
    • Supply Chain and Operations Management 
    • Quantitative Methods 
    • Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management (OBHR)

A Place with Incredible Opportunities

Pareena Lawrence

“Purdue opened doors for me and provided me with incredible opportunities. It provided access for me, and that’s something I’ve continued on — making sure our institutions provide access.” -- Pareena Lawrence (PhD in Economics, 1993)

Our doctoral alumnus, Pareena Lawrence, won the 2018 Krannert School’s John S. Day Distinguished Alumni Academic Service Award. She is now the President of Hollins University. [Full story]

Hear From Our Students

A Collaborative Environment

Victor “Duke” Ferguso"I chose to pursue a PhD in management at Krannert because of the faculty, and the collaborative and collegial environment that they foster. The faculty encourage collaboration between the student and collaborate with students themselves while acting as mentors and helpful resources as students develop the skills they need to enter the field of academia. I have enjoyed my time at Krannert so far and I look forward to continuing to learn from Krannert’s faculty as I develop both personally and professionally.  I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about pursuing a career in academia." -- Victor “Duke” Ferguson (Accounting, PhD Candidate)

World Class Research

Mitchell Johnston"Obtaining a PhD in management was a big life goal for me. I knew that I wanted the degree to be something that I could be proud of and allowed me to focus on the topics that were of interest to me. The faculty at Purdue produce world class research and are leaders in their respective fields. I am proud to have the opportunity to learn from them and say that I am a student at Purdue. Beyond their commitment to research, the faculty have taken the time to get to know me and tailor the PhD experience to my needs and interests. I am confident that any student who is interested in pursuing a career in academia would do well to start that career at Purdue." -- Mitchell Johnston (Finance, PhD 2019)

Distinct Opportunity for Interdisciplinary Research

Mohammed Alyakoob"I chose to pursue a PhD in management at Krannert School of Management primarily because of the opportunities to work with distinguished faculty with a vast experience in the field. Krannert encourages collaboration between departments both within Krannert and other Schools which provides a distinct opportunity for interdisciplinary research that served to strengthen both my knowledge base and experience. I have truly enjoyed my time at Krannert and would recommend it to any student who would like to pursue a career in academia." -- Mohammed Alyakoob (Management Information Systems, PhD 2019)