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Get To Know Us

  • Kelly Wilson

    Kelly Wilson

    Kelly teaches Organizational Behavior and Leadership courses in the undergraduate, masters and PhD programs at Krannert. Her research interests include both leadership and work-family/work-life topics. Similar to her research, Kelly is devoted to her work, but when she isn’t writing or teaching you can usually find her watching movies or playing with her young daughters. There is very little time for much else besides work and family in Kelly’s life, but she does find time twice a week to attend her favorite hot yoga classes in West Lafayette. Feel free to come sweat it out with Kelly if you need a little personal time for yourself!
  • Ellen Kossek

    Ellen Kossek

    Ellen‘s research focuses on organizational support of work, family and personal life, and managing diversity, new ways of working, and workplace flexibility.  She teaches Talent Management of Gender and Diversity and Managing Human Capital Globally. She integrates these research and teaching passions in her personal life while raising four children in a dual career marriage, and giving invited talks all over the globe, often collaborating with virtual or international colleagues.  She enjoys playing tennis (counterintuitively preferring backhand to forehand); and loves farmers’ markets, cooking (her family can’t get enough of her macaroni and cheese), and good restaurants (fun and foodie, but not stuffy).  She enjoys watching movies, reading, walking by the shores of Lake Michigan, and volunteering on the board of a summer camp that has been in existence for over one hundred years.
  • Rick Cosier

    Rick Cosier

    Rick is Dean Emeritus and Leeds Professor of Management in the Krannert School.  He teaches courses on leadership and sports management to undergraduates and masters students.  Prior to becoming dean he conducted research on how conflict could improve decisions.  This turned out to be a good background for being a dean.  Rick's interests include golf, bowling and he knows a little about classic "60s" rock and roll.  Growing up outside of Detroit he also became a "car guy" and was able to own a few Corvettes over the years.  While dean, he found out that being able to hold conversations about golf, classic rock and sports cars helped him relate to generous alumni and attract some nice private donations for Krannert.  Bowling not so much.
  • Mike Campion

    Mike Campion

    Mike believes in the motto “Work hard, play hard.”  You will see him in the office nearly every day from 9AM to 8PM, and he works most of every Sunday.  However, on Saturdays he becomes “Indiana Mike” (with little physical resemblance to Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones) by escaping to the wild outdoors for some low-grade adventure.  He usually goes to his lake cabin and enjoys boating, jet-skiing, or ATVing.  He also is an avid exerciser, devoting more than an hour a day to working out with weights, biking, and jogging.  He has discovered that although the exercise does little to slow the effects of advancing age, it does allow him to eat a lot.
  • Brian Dineen

    Brian Dineen

    Brian teaches Human Resources and Negotiation courses in the Krannert MSHRM and MBA programs and conducts research on topics ranging from recruitment and employment branding to job seeking and resume fraud.  Trying to figure out what attracts job seekers to companies might sound thrilling, but one of his real thrills comes from attracting Christmas season gawkers to his tens of thousands of twinkling lights and 3-D figures all over his house and lawn come December.  He also enjoys negotiating with ski slopes by winter and brands himself a diehard Cincinnati Reds baseball fan by summer. You’ll find him at Notre Dame football games in the fall and the Indy 500 in the spring. His three daughters keep him moving throughout the year from one outing to another - there’s a ton to do here in Lafayette/West Lafayette. Come to town any season, or to Brian’s yard if it’s December, and see for yourself.
  • Brad Alge

    Brad Alge

    Father, Husband, Teacher, Coach, Scholar, Novice History Buff.

    Brad researches and teaches leadership and organizational behavior in the MBA and Executive MBA programs at Purdue. He is the proud father of four children ages 7 to 16 (Sadie, Sofie, Jake, and Alex). As a result, he and his wife, Kelly, have learned the art of juggling and zone defense.

    Brad is also an avid football fan. A member of the 1988 Notre Dame National Championship team, Brad parlayed his passion for football and went on to spend two seasons as a graduate assistant football coach at Kent State University. Although the first season was a bit rocky (the team won  1 game and lost 10), they rebounded the next season-doubling their win total while posting a 2 win 9 loss season-a 100% improvement! Needless to say, after only 3 wins in 2 seasons, Brad knew college coaching wasn’t in the cards and turned his sights on a new career. Notes Brad, “I loved the teaching aspects of coaching and wanted to be a teacher.”

    When Brad is not in the classroom, he is likely found taking students on historical leadership excursions to Gettysburg or coaching youth football. On Gettysburg, Brad notes, “you learn about leadership by studying the great leaders of the past.” And, with coaching youth football, he says it “is great release from work, and gives me a chance to test my own theories of leadership and motivation, while giving back to the community.” When one of Brad’s former PhD students (David Lehman-now at the University of Virginia) asked him to join a research project studying “football” Brad was in. The research studied managerial risk-taking, using risky fourth down decisions (whether to punt or “go for it”) as its theory-testing context (the paper was published in 2011 in Organization Science). Brad never thought he could use football as an excuse to do research. “I have the best job ever!” he proudly proclaims.

  • Ben Dunford

    Ben Dunford

    Ben teaches human resource management and organizational behavior classes in Purdue's full time masters programs as well as executive programs. Most recently, his research has focsued on how management principles can be applied to healthcare to improve the wellbeing of organizations, employees, and patients. Outside of work, Ben is busy raising five children with his wife Tamera and enjoys watching them grow up. The Dunford family likes to be outside together, travel to visit friends and family and volunteer with church groups. Ben is a lifelong runner, cyclist and swimmer and on most days can be found biking to and from work.
  • Raquel Asencio

    Raquel Asencio

    Raquel's research interests include teamwork, leadership, multiple team collaborations, social networks, and social identity. She not only studies teamwork, but enjoys working with collaborators near and far, and is always looking for a good team with which she can collaborate and generate ideas.

    Raquel strongly believes in the importance of community, which is why when she is not working, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, and doing volunteer work. She also loves music, traveling, and trying new things. If you ever have a suggestion of a fun activity, be sure to let her know! 

  • Catherine Kleshinski

    Catherine Kleshinski

    Catherine’s research interests include topics related to work-nonwork, organizational justice, and relationships at work/social exchange. When she isn’t working, Catherine can be found spending time with her husband, reading, doing pilates, yoga, or dance fitness, hacking her way through learning photography, and exploring the parks around West Lafayette.
  • Jonathan Ying

    Jonathan Ying

    Jon teaches Organizational Behavior and Human Resources courses in the Krannert undergraduate, MSHRM, and Weekend MBA programs. His research interests include high-skilled immigration, transnational bioscience entrepreneurship, and human resources in high-technology environments  in locations as diverse as America, China, and Taiwan. Prior to his academic career, Jon has worked in the biotechnology, food manufacturing, and semiconductor industries.  School and work has taken Jon to Asia, Europe, South America, and more than 30 states in
    the USA. 
    When not in the classroom, Jon is involved in his two children’s academics, athletics, and understanding of the world.  He enjoys cooking his favorite Chinese dishes and eating Chipotle.  To stay in shape, Jon enjoys playing tennis with Purdue students and cycling with community members.
  • Kinshuk Sharma

    Kinshuk Sharma

    Kinshuk’s research interests include trust, repair of trust, innovation and teams. Having been a former professional tennis player and sports literally running in his blood, when not working on research, Kinshuk enjoys playing tennis and exploring other outdoor sports and activities such as cricket (sign of a true Indian!!) and rock-climbing. When outdoors seem too tiring, Kinshuk involves himself in creative writing – from poetry to blogs to songs to novel. Kinshuk already has two books published to his name that are available on amazon (“Let It Go – voices from the deep” and “Amur that flew North”). Go check them out!!

  • Lindsay Mechem Rosokha

    Lindsay Mechem Rosokha

    Lindsay’s research interests include Leadership, Work-Life Balance, and Teams. Lindsay loves adventure and will be the first to try a daring activity or new food. To recharge, she enjoys playing tennis (favorite player is Roger Federer), hiking, hot yoga, and biking with her husband. To relax, she likes spending time with her many siblings, reading and gardening (favorite plants are cacti which are the only ones she can keep alive).

  • Yixuan Li

    Yixuan Li

    Yixuan's research has its origin in understanding the importance of human resources for organizations to learn, develop, and grow. Her research program spans individual, team, and organizational levels, and focuses on learning and innovation, workforce diversity and inclusion, and work groups and teams. Yixuan loves music, travelling (especially going to different beaches), and trying food from around the world. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and little son.
  • Benjamin Pratt

    Benjamin Pratt

    Benjamin holds a BA in Anthropology (Psychology minor) from Brigham Young University, and a masters in social work from the University of Houston. In 2008, Benjamin was a social work fellow in the LEAH program at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. Following his masters education, Benjamin worked as an LCSW for five years; most notably in the VA Healthcare System in Salt Lake City, UT, where Benjamin worked first as a clinician and then as the Assistant Chief of Social Work Services. In 2013, Benjamin began attending Purdue University, earning a master's degree in Sociology before starting the OBHR doctoral program in 2015. Benjamin and his wife, Mauri, have been married for 15 years, and have four children, ages 7 through 13.