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Forthcoming Publications

  • Jia, J., Xu, S.H., and Guide Jr., V.D.R. Addressing Supply-Demand Imbalance: Designing Efficient Remanufacturing Strategies. Production and Operations Management,

Journal Articles

  • Jia, J. (2016). Managing the Revenue of Sales Platforms: Insights into Service Fees. Production and Operations Management, vol. 25 (6), 1026–1037.
  • Jia, J., Harstad, R.M., and Rothkopf M.H. (2010). Information Variability Impacts in Auctions. Decision Analysis, vol. 7 (1), 137-142.

Working Papers

  • Jia, J. and Zhao, H. Mitigating the U.S. Drug Shortages Through Pareto-Improving Contracts.
  • Feng, Q., Jia, J. and Shanthikumar, J.G. Dynamic Multisourcing with Dependent Random Supply Capacities.
  • Jia, J. and Shanthikumar, J.G. Robust Knowledge-Based Sourcing Under Dependent Supply Disruption Risks.
  • Okajima, H., Jia, J., Zhao, H. and Xu, S.H. Dynamic Capacity Sourcing for New Ethical Drugs.
  • Jia, J., Xu, S.H., and Chatterjee, K. Technology Diffusion by Imitation in Complex Networks.