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Finance is the study of wealth and assets. Our finance graduates manage corporate cash flow and effectively allocate resources. After foundational accounting and economics courses, you’ll leap into investment management, financial analytics and corporate forecasting. Graduates start out as financial analysts in large corporations looking at the bottom line and predicting profits. Others begin in financial leadership development programs or investment banking. Take your first small step toward a career in finance at Krannert.

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Careers in Finance


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"Constant opportunities that we can look for as students to grow ourselves in the professional field have been the biggest catalyst to helping me build out my resume."

Dhruv Patel, BS Finance, Proctor & Gamble

Experiences in Finance

Learn more about the opportunities and experiences that make Finance unique.

Clubs and Organizations

Students in Finance can join a variety of professional clubs or organizations to prepare themselves for the future. The Financial Management Association and Beta Alpha Psi are just a few organizations that help students develop their professionalism and knowledge of their future careers.

Seminars and Conferences

Students in Finance can attend a seminar series featuring distinguished leaders in different financial concentrations. You'll get to hear about all of the latest research and news in the world of finance.

Study Abroad

As an undergraduate student in Finance, you'll have a lot of opportunities to learn in a global setting. From Australia, to France, to Germany, you will gain experiences that can't be fully captured in the classroom. There is a program that is perfect for everyone, no matter if it's for a few weeks or a whole semester.

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