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Ralph Siebert

Ralph Siebert

Professor of Economics
Academic Director of Economics Master's


Ph.D., Economics, Humboldt University (Berlin)
M.A., Economics, Humboldt University (Berlin)
B.A., Business and Economics, Free University, (Berlin)


Professor Siebert joined the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University in January 2004. He is also an Adjunct Visiting Associate Professor at the  University of Chicago (Booth School of Business).

Professor Siebert is working in the areas of industrial organization, applied microeconometrics, urban economics, health economics, and experimental economics. Most of his research is grounded in the interface between applied theory and empirical testing, i.e., structural modeling, while other studies relate to reduced-form regressions and applied theory. The large majority of his empirical work builds on theory that provides insights into counterfactuals, as well as underlying effects that drive the results.

Professor Siebert's research studies investigate the competitiveness of firms and market performance accounting for dynamic strategic interactions between firms. His work frequently focuses on policy-relevant topics to provide insights for antitrust and competition policy. One of the main methodological characteristics of his research is that it often goes beyond a static evaluation approach and emphasizes firm and industry dynamics. He devotes special attention to the interlink between technology and product market competition. His areas of expertise include various markets within the semiconductor industry, such as SRAM, DRAM, and flash memories, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, the housing market, and the health market.

Professor Siebert's studies primarily focus on the following topics: strategic alliances (mergers, joint ventures, licensing) multi-product competition and product differentiation, innovation, industry and firm dynamics (evolution of industries, learning by doing) and obesity. 

Professor Siebert has various publications in top economics and general interest journals. 

Professor Siebert was a (Visiting) Associate Professor at the University of Chicago, Harvard University, Yale University, University of Toronto, Ludwig Maximilians University (Munich, Germany), Center for Economic Studies (Munich, Germany), Social Science Research Institute (WZB, Germany), European School of Management and Technology (Berlin, Germany), and Humboldt-University (Berlin, Germany).

In 2011, Professor Siebert received the Young Scholar Award from Purdue University (Krannert School of Management). He also received awards as a distinguished teacher every year from 2005 onwards. He won the European Young Economist Award in two consecutive years, i.e., 2000 and 2001.

Professor Siebert's work experience in companies, include:
(i) Alfred Teves (Manufacturer, Auto Parts Supplier)
(ii) Mercedes Benz (Manufacturer, Automobiles)
(iii) Obi (Retailer)
(iv) Volkswagen (Manufacturer, Automobiles)

Forthcoming Publications

  • Siebert, Ralph (2019). "The Differential Impact of Subsidies Provided under Different R&D Policies", forthcoming. The Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics,
  • Siebert, Ralph (2019). "Estimating Differential Dynamic Merger Effects on Market Structure and Entry in Related Markets", forthcoming. Review of Industrial Organization,

Journal Articles

  • Siebert, Ralph (2017). "Dynamic Impact of Uncertainty on R&D Cooperation Formation and Research Performance: Evidence from the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry" (with Tannista Banerjee). Research Policy, Vol. 46, pp. 1255-1271, | Related Website |
  • Siebert, Ralph (2017). "A Structural Model on the Impact of Prediscovery Licensing and Research Joint Ventures on Innovation and Product Market Efficiency". International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol, pp. 89-124, (Download Online Appendix Here), | Related Website | Download |
  • Siebert, Ralph (2017). "Firm-Specific Time Preferences and Postmerger Firm Performance" (with Jeremiah Harris). International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 53, pp. 32-62, | Related Website |
  • Siebert, Ralph (2017). "The Impact of R&D Cooperations and Mergers in Pharmaceuticals on Research Activities and Drugs Offered on the Market" (with Tannista Banerjee). Southern Economic Journal, Vol. 84, pp. 202–228, | Related Website |
  • Siebert, Ralph (2015). "Entering New Markets in the Presence of Competition: Price Discrimination versus Cannibalization". Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, (Download Online Appendix Here), Vol. 24, pp. 369-389, | Related Website | Download |
  • Siebert, Ralph (2015). "What Determines Firms' Choices Between Ex Ante and Ex Post Licensing Agreements?". Journal of Competition Law & Economics, Vol. 11, pp. 165–199, | Related Website |
  • Siebert, Ralph (2011). "An Experimental Analysis of the Impact of Information Revelation Policies in Sequential Auctions" (with Timothy N. Cason and Karthik Kannan). Management Science, Vol. 57, pp. 667-688, | Related Website |
  • Siebert, Ralph (2010). "Learning-by-Doing and Cannibalization Effects at Multi-Vintage Firms: Evidence from the Semiconductor Industry". The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Advances Tier, Vol. 10, Lead Article, pp. 1-32, | Related Website |
  • Siebert, Ralph (2010). "Jostling for Advantage or Not: Choosing between Patent Portfolio Races and Ex Ante Licensing" (with Georg von Graevenitz). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol. 73, pp. 225-24, | Related Website |
  • Siebert, Ralph (2007). "Market Power versus Efficiency Effects of Mergers and Research Joint Ventures: Evidence from the Semiconductor Industry" (with Klaus Gugler). Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 89, pp. 645-659, | Related Website |
  • Siebert, Ralph (2007). "Why Firms Form (or don't Form) RJVs" (with Lars-Hendrik Roeller and Mihkel Tombak). Economic Journal, July, Vol. 117, pp. 1122-1144, | Related Website |

Research In Progress

  • Siebert, Ralph "An Experimental Analysis of Entry in Auction Markets" with Timothy N. Cason and Karthik Kannan.
  • Siebert, Ralph "Heterogeneous Impacts of Cross-licensing in the Presence of Product Market Competition" with An-Hsiang Liu.
  • Siebert, Ralph "Policy Evaluations on the Affordable Care Act", with Sebastian Linde.
  • Siebert, Ralph "Fighting Obesity: Who are the Winners and Losers?", with Tannista Banerjee.
  • Siebert, Ralph "Search and Price Discrimination: Evidence from the Housing Market", with Natalia Fabra.
  • Siebert, Ralph "A Structural Model on Price Discrimination in the Ethanol Market" with Juan Sesmero and Jinho Jung.
  • Siebert, Ralph "Dynamic Demand and Network Externalities", with Hajime Shimao.
  • Siebert, Ralph "Licensing in the Context of Multimarket Competition" with An-Hsiang Liu.
  • Siebert, Ralph "A Structural Model on Mergers in the Pharmaceutical Industry" with Zhili Tian.
  • Siebert, Ralph "Product Variety in Differentiated Product Markets".
  • Siebert, Ralph "Vertical Integration in Markets with Network Effects".
  • Siebert, Ralph "Optimal Timing to Adopt New Technologies when Firms are Capacity Constrained".

Other Publications

  • Siebert, Ralph, WZB Bulletin, Vol. 47, pp. 34-36 "International Research Joint Ventures".

Working Papers

  • Siebert, Ralph “Dynamic Impact of Licensing on R&D Capability”, (with Zhili Tian), Under Review.
  • Siebert, Ralph "A Structural Model on the Impact of Declining Market Entry Costs over Time on Market Structure and Performance" (with An-Hsiang Liu and Christine Zulehner), Under Review.
  • Siebert, Ralph "Heterogeneous Merger Impacts on Competitive Outcomes", Under Revision.
  • Siebert, Ralph "Do Mergers Among Multimarket Firms Create Value?" (with Sebastian Linde), Under Review.
  • Siebert, Ralph "The Impact of Market Demand and Entry Costs on Market Structure" (with Christine Zulehner), Under Revision.
  • Siebert, Ralph "Heterogeneous Impact of Foreclosure on Housing Prices", Under Revision.
  • Siebert, Ralph "The Impact of Imperfect Information on Prices and Qualities: Evidence from the Housing Market", Under Revision.

Phone: (765) 49-43401
Office: KCTR 233

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industrial organization, applied microeconometrics, urban economics, health economics, and experimental economics