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How to Advance Your Career from College Student to Business Professional

Friday, January 26, 2018


At Krannert, one of the goals of our MBA program is for you to learn how to advance your career. You don't have to have an MS in Marketing — although, it certainly helps — to successfully market yourself to potential companies and recruiters.

Organizing, presenting, studying, using your strengths, group work, and going the extra mile are familiar concepts for graduate students. With a little ingenuity, these skills can easily transfer into getting hired and becoming a successful business professional.

Using Your Strengths 
MBA students recognize their interests and strengths and take courses that compliment them. The logic should stay the same when looking at different industries and businesses. If you find yourself stumped on what jobs to be applying for, visit a professional at the Krannert Professional Development Center (KPDC), a resource for Krannert students.

Organizing and Planning
Similar to planning out the necessary steps in a school project, the next step in the job hunt process is to plan and organize. Find several jobs you want to apply for, note their deadlines, and prioritize the jobs you're most excited about.

Treat the application and interviewing process like a test and come prepared. Before crafting a cover letter, look at the job description and work in skills and projects that are applicable. Study the organizational tone of writing and incorporate it into your materials. Know the history behind the company and any recent news.

Group Work
Love them or hate them, MBA students have plenty of experience in group projects. Use your group of friends, family, and the professionals at KPDC, to review your resume and cover letters. The extra set of eyes can help you discover any errors or offer suggestions that could help you stand out to a recruiter.

Dressing the part, practicing, and coming prepared are all essential to a student presentation. Treat interviews and job fairs as presentations, and be sure to wear business professional attire. If you need help obtaining an interview outfit, the Center for Career Opportunities Career Closet offers a walk-in friendly experience that allows students to rent a business professional outfit for one academic year.

Practice by making an appointment for a mock interview at KPDC. Prepare what you would say for typical interview questions — What's your experience? Tell me about yourself. Share a time you showed leadership — and bring copies of your impeccably crafted resume.

Going The Extra Mile 
Bonus points are a thing, even outside the classroom. Don't underestimate the power of a handwritten thank you note after your interview and coming with additional materials that can make you shine. For example, if the job is writing intensive, bring some writing samples.

Whether you're an MS Marketing student, Purdue alumni, or undergrad student — the Krannert Professional Development Center can help. These tips will help you learn how to advance your career and transition from a college student to business professional with ease. For information on Krannert Master's Career Fairs, visit this link