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Andrea Puterbaugh

Home for the Holidays

Thursday, December 1, 2016

To me, the holidays are all about being with the people that I love. They are about enjoying traditions both old and new while appreciating all of the wonderful things I have been blessed to have in my life. To me, there is no better time of year to sit and reflect on the opportunities and challenges I have faced throughout the year which have made me a better, stronger individual.

One thing I am particularly thankful for is my home, Krannert. I call it a home not just because I spend many hours there working, studying, and doing everything I can to succeed in my studies, but rather, because that is where my Krannert family has grown. I am thankful to be a part of a program where I have the opportunity to connect daily with those from a multitude of countries and backgrounds, each with a unique skill set.


"I call it a home because that is where my Krannert family has grown."


I am thankful that this family brings diversity into the classroom, not simply for the sake of having a diverse group of students sitting in a class, but instead, to promote different ways of thinking. This is something that has been shaping the way I think and view issues. It gets me outside of my “norm” or comfort zone and it makes me think in ways that are radically different. This is how great ideas are born, and the different schools of thought help to sharpen my problem solving skills.

Holidays are also about embracing traditions both old and new, which is something I have done during my time here at Krannert. It is sad for me to think that when I leave this place, I will likely have a hard time finding such a diverse atmosphere again. Krannert has brought people into my life that have taught me about traditions from around the world.

It gives me a chance to share my own cultural traditions, such as sharing a traditional Thanksgiving meal with people who have never had such an experience. It has also given me the opportunities to celebrate cultural traditions of the members of my Krannert family from around the world. This is a very precious opportunity to have, and it is something that helps to unite us and bring us together.

"Krannert has brought people into my life that have taught me about traditions from around the world."

Although I know that, in time, I will have to leave my Krannert home, I know that will not be the end. The friendships and bonds which I have formed with my new family are strong and will help me see the world with new eyes.

Happy Holidays from the Krannert family!

Andrea Puterbaugh

2nd year MBA Student