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Advance Your Career With a Master’s in Economics – Purdue Krannert

Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Economists have begun to play a growing role in the tech sector. Companies like Google and Microsoft are hiring more job seekers with a Master’s in Economics to solve issues that help organizations make strategic business decisions. Learn why more tech companies are hiring economists and how you can advance your career with Purdue’s Master of Science in Economics. 

What You Can Do With a Master’s in Economics

An economist’s toolkit is a natural fit for tech companies. Economic principles can help tech companies understand what industry structures are likely to be sustainable and quantify how particular deals would affect the profitability of an organization. As an economist, you may find yourself working with inward-facing groups like data science teams, as well as outward-facing groups like marketing teams. Your roles may include: 

  • Data science and analytics: Economists use experimental and observational data to answer business questions like how to evaluate the impact of competitors, whether to introduce new products, and how to understand the effectiveness of large business initiatives.

  • Experimentation or A/B testing: Experimentation helps to answer product or platform design questions. Some organizations embed economics within their functional teams, like marketing, while others have an independent team to manage larger testing platforms.

  • Advertising and marketing analytics: In this role, you will optimize advertising spend, predict the success of ad campaign, design experiments around advertising, and so much more.

  • Project management: Economists working as project managers design surveys and experiments that help to answer questions that guide product design as well as other strategic decisions. This often involves drawing causal inferences from observational data.

  • Regulation and limitation: This includes crafting policy white papers that translate empirical work for a legal audience and discuss specific subject areas like telecommunications policy, antitrust, data security, and intellectual property from an economic perspective.

Depending on the size of the organization, you may also play an important role in pricing teams, forecasting and planning teams, and academic relations. 

Why Economists Thrive at Krannert

Are you interested in data analytics or applied economics? Krannert’s Master’s in Economics may be the perfect fit. The program is designed to transform STEM-savvy students into economic business leaders through a flexible and innovative curriculum. You’ll learn the skills and knowledge necessary to evaluate, optimize, and forecast key economic and business outcomes that can help propel your career forward.

Online coursework allows you to study when it’s convenient and earn a degree without interfering with your current life and schedule. Whether you have kids, a full-time job, or other responsibilities, you don’t have to sacrifice the graduate education that can help you achieve the career you’ve always dreamed of.

While one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in pursuing a Master’s in Economics is financing, Krannert makes sure that won’t stop any candidate from achieving their education and career goals. The Purdue University Scholarship Application can help you get connected to hundreds of opportunities awarded to Krannert students, making your path to an economics career even more accessible.

Recognized at the #2 Best Online Master’s in Economics by BestColleges, Purdue offers students access to a wide range of career services designed to provide guidance and resources for advancement. Additionally, a vast alumni network that spans the globe across various industries and can also offer networking opportunities to help shape the trajectory of your career.

Are you ready to gain the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an economics career? Krannert’s Master’s in Economics is structured to do just that. Pursue the next step in your education journey to help you reach your personal, educational, and professional aspirations. Explore this highly ranked program to take the next steps toward obtaining your degree today!