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Sarzosa, M. Victimization and Skill Accumulation: The Case of School Bullying. Journal of Human Resources, Accepted. [Download PDF (Latest Version: August 2021)] [Online Appendix]

Rau T., M. Sarzosa & S. Urzúa (2021). The Children of the Missed Pill. Journal of Health Economics, Vol 79. 
[Working paper vesion]
Media Coverage: [The Washington Post] [MarketWatch]

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Working Papers

Effects of Disruptive Peers in Endogenous Social Networks
(with Torsten Santavirta) Under Review
[Download PDF]

Grade Retention and Multidimensional Skill Formation in Young Children
(with Fernando Saltiel) 
[Download PDF]

`What's the tea' with gender conformity?
(with Abigail Banan and Torsten Santavirta) 
[Download PDF] 

Sexual Orientation and Labor Market Disparities
Upjohn Institute Working Paper 18-294
Under Review
[Download PDF (Latest Version: June 2020)]

Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills for the Peruvian Labor Market
(with Wendy Cunningham and Monica Parra Torrado)
Policy Research Working Paper 7750. February 2016.

Returns to Higher Education in Chile and Colombia
(with Carolina Gonzalez-Velosa and G. Rucci and S. Urzua)
IDB Working Paper Series 587. March 2015.

The Causal Effects of Skills: An International Study
(with Ricardo Espinoza and Sergio Urzúa)
Background paper for the OECD International Skills Report (2014)

Friends First: Political Determinants of Targeting in Decentralized Poverty Alleviation Programmes
[Download PDF]

Community Heterogeneity and Collective Action in Demand-Driven Poverty Reduction Programs
(with Yuri Soares)
OVE Working Paper 05/10, 2010

The Welfare Impacts of Local Investment Projects: Evidence from the Guatemala FIS
(with Pablo Ibarrarán and Yuri Soares)
OVE Working Paper 02/08, 2008

When Will the Poor Vote? Parties, Politics and Constitutional Changes in the XIX Century Colombia
(in Spanish)
Serie Documentos CEDE, 2008-05

Work in Progress

"Classroom networks and school victimization: How personality traits keep you safe” 
(with Manuel Eisner, Denis Ribeaud and Torsten Santavirta)

"Skill Formation and College Enrollment"
(with Ricardo Espinoza and Sergio Urzúa)

"Weight at Birth and Gender Gaps"
(with Sergio Urzúa) 

Dormant Research

FGLS Estimation of Panel Data Models with Serial Correlation, Fixed Effects and Missing Data
(with Raymond Guiteras and Roger Moon)
[go to xtargls website]

Unemployment Protection for Informal Workers in Latin America and the Caribbean
(with Alan Finkelstein-Shapiro)
IADB Working Papers No. WP-385, April 2013